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The Church is God's instrument for the proclamation of truth. It was organized to serve and its mission is to take the gospel to the world


By way of introduction, it should be said, this manual is an effective tool, developed with the aim of the subjects of the kingdom to defend the faith entrusted to the saints, it will be two volumes, the first volume deals with the fundamental doctrines of the church, the second volume, details the Feasts on the Plan of Redemption on the timeline, with a view never seen before.

It is a good idea to highlight the fury of upstart pastors, hard-pressed to paralyze the wisdom of their sectarians, teaching them to transgress the holy Law of God. They argue, the law was given only to the Hebrews, meanwhile, they contradict its teachings by condemning idolatry, theft, theft, dishonoring father and mother, adultery and false witness. In this compass, it is assumed, what is not forbidden is allowed, if the ten commandments are not in force, if they were nailed to the cross, there is certainly no sin in transgressing them, everyone is authorized to idolize, kill, steal, commit adultery, dishonor father and mother, and bear false witness. Thus, it should be noted that the Lord made a covenant with the Hebrews at Sinai, because they were the people of God at the time of the codification of the Law, it is a well-known fact, known to Bible scholars.

In that time, the Lord entered into an eternal covenant with his people, circumcising the hearts of the saints with his divine nature. The covenant alluded to was not confined to the Hebrews alone, but to the servants of the Lord in all ages. Each period has a people treading and defending the straight ways of the Lord; in these last days, dissenters (disagree with apostasy and fatal theological errors) or. Remnants, make up the church of the last period called Laodicea. It is an extension of the fearless church of Antioquia, supporting the doctrine vigorously held by Luciano de Antioquia, Helvídio, Joviniano, Vigilâncio, Patrick, Columba, Dinoto, Aidan, Columbano, Pedro Valdo and many others.

This being so, it is imperative to study some controversial and twisted texts in bad faith to deceive the unwary, with the aim of clarifying doubts and establishing the saints in the most honest truth. To fix and sediment the important contents, the method of repetition was adopted, I explain, some themes are repeated exhaustively throughout the book with the aim of fixing knowledge, such as the sinful nature and divine nature, justice of Jesus.

👉 About the Author: Walber Rodrigues Belo
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  • The true character of the church is not measured by its high profession of faith, nor by the names which are recorded in its books, but by what it is really doing for the Master, by the number of its persevering and faithful workers. Obreiros Evangélicos, Pág 200
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